Rethinking the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Office Space

As the quarantine continues to get extended, companies everywhere are beginning to realize they may need more permanent changes to bring back their workforce. The initial adjustments many organizations had to make to stay open included social distancing signage and protective barriers. While these solutions have significantly helped, they are only a small glimpse of what the post-pandemic offices will look like.

Landlords and tenants around the world have begun to make modifications to their offices to allow for more room between desks, no-touch design elements, and improved air filtering systems. However, this pandemic is forcing companies to rethink their workspaces completely.

Many companies have offered their teams the ability to work remotely. While this was only a temporary solution in the beginning, as time goes by, this may become a permanent solution for a lot of workers. But, this does not mean the end of the office space; it merely means a shift to a new working environment.

Companies are now starting to consider the costs they could cut back by reducing their square footage. However, they will need to balance this decrease in space with the face of social distancing expectations.

A good solution that is becoming more and more interesting is coworking buildings. While it could sound counterintuitive to share a space with other companies, it’s important to point out coworking spaces are very flexible and can significantly help companies who have a limited number of employees required to be present at the office at the same time.

From here on, people are going to have to learn to embrace a more mindful approach to touching and sanitizing the shared areas they visit. This may, in turn, help offices become more fluid and drift away from the old-school assigned seating structure to a more inclusive space that can be easily sanitized and used by multiple people with different schedules.

While safety protocols and personal protective equipment are going to be the main priority for companies looking to get people back to their office, this is a great time to sit back and imagine what a future office could look like for your business.

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