A virtual tour of our office

Millyard Park Virtual Tour

Virtual real state tours started gaining popularity in the past few years. However, this year, they’ve become an essential tool helping landlords safely showcase properties amid the pandemic.

While many lease deals have been placed on hold, there are still plenty of tenants looking for the right space for their company.

Before COVID-19, having a virtual tour was considered a just-in-case alternative. Today, these tours are becoming a crucial part of the real state world. Even as things start going back to the way they were before, virtual tours are here to stay.

While many companies have only offered virtual tours out of precaution, the many benefits and flexibility they allow will keep them around. They may even turn them into a must-have for every property in the market.

There are different types of virtual tours being offered right now. Some brokers are landlords who are scheduling Zoom video calls or FaceTime appointments with tenants. In some cases, the tenants are allowed to visit the property in person, and the person in charge of the real estate accompanies them via phone as they walkthrough.

Another option some have taken to help tenants who may not be able to visit the property is to have the landlord walk through the property with his camera showing them the location and answering their questions. Clients get to experience the place without having to be there physically.

Either one of these options works great, and there is even a third option many are opting for. Certain companies offer pre-recorded high-tech 3D virtual tours, to help tenants get an in-depth idea of what the space looks like.

Brokers are saying virtual tours will bring lasting changes in how properties will be shown after the pandemic. If this was something you’ve never considered adding to your marketing strategy, now it’s time to rethink that. Even though there is certainly value in face-to-face interactions, virtual tours will continue to gain attention, so it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place to show off your office space and it’s many amenities.

If you would like to check out our pre-recorded virtual tour, check out Loopnet.com listing.

At Millyard Technology Park, we are offering virtual tours to show off our available office space in Nashua, NH. For more information, you can call the landlord Nicholas Pasquale at 603-598-1275, or simply fill out our form online.