Flexible Office Arrangements for 2021

2021 office plans

As we approach the end of the year, many companies are starting to look for a new flexible office arrangement for 2021. A flexible workplace usually refers to a place with creative layouts and hot-desks used by multiple people. However, it’s also a term used to describe a shared office space, with open plan work environments, and collaborative coworking spaces.

With a significant number of people working remotely this year, the lesson many businesses learned is that large office buildings are not necessary to run their business effectively. The pandemic has forced companies to make changes, and it’s also prompted them to look for new ways to reduce their square footage in the hopes of lowering costs and offer their employees diverse options to stay productive. For some businesses, this may be accomplished by leasing smaller offices, but for others, it means giving coworking setups an opportunity.

Even before the pandemic, many employers were starting to evaluate the many benefits they could get by sharing some of their building costs with other businesses and offer their employees open environments to promote flexibility, creativity, and break-away from the traditional office setting. While sharing the facilities with other companies may not be the most intuitive response for the post-pandemic landscape, the need to restructure and rethink business space models is increasing.

The new coworking space trend usually makes people think of a place like WeWork. However, they are not the only company offering this type of accommodation, nor are they the best option for many businesses who wish to remain close to their local community.

As remote working practices begin to become an expectation and no longer a perk, business owners need to reassess what their office space should be utilized for. According to JLL’s latest research, by 2030, flexible work arrangements could account for 30% of all workspace.

At Millyard Technology Park, we offer diverse and flexible office solutions in Nashua, NH. If you are looking for new arrangements or want to research alternative options for your business in 2021, contact us today.