Maintenance and Facilities Updates

Millyard Technology Park New Hampshire

For those of you who are already familiar with MTP, you have probably noticed a variety of maintenance projects and facilities improvements taking place since this Spring. It’s been a busy season for the maintenance staff, and we still have a lot of projects coming up! Here are some highlights of what is completed:

  • Extensive masonry repairs, which improved much of the original brickwork on the West Wing of the building
  • Repaving of the parking lot, along with repairing the speed bumps
  • Putting new siding and a new roof on the gazebo
  • New landscaping for several islands in the main parking lot

As mentioned above, there are several major projects that we will begin between now and the end of 2015. For example, the property management team is in the process of reviewing designs for new exterior signage. All signage on the building will be replaced over the next six months. Additionally, new, updated floor plans for all of our office spaces will be available via CAD. This will allow anyone interested in a particular space to be able to see digitized floor plans which can be manipulated for designing build-outs.

Our hope is that these various improvements and repairs will provide upgraded amenities for everyone, while still preserving MTP’s historical roots as a former textile mill.